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  • Providing various financial statement audits with efficiency and quality
  • Outstanding strength in internal control and internal audit services
  • Providing services related to Audit, Accounting, Management and Tax in English for foreign-affiliated companies and borderless projects


As the number of overseas expansion and cross-border businesses increases year by year, the development of IT has made it possible to conduct business and connect from anywhere in the world.

Under these circumstances, the preparation and disclosure of more appropriate financial statements, and the implementation and strengthening of internal audits and internal controls have become even more important. At the same time, the role and expectation of CPA and Assurance professionals is getting more diverse.

On the other hand, I have provided audit and advisory services not only to listed and unlisted companies at major audit firms, but also to many number of foreign-affiliated companies. I also have experience working in the UK, which reigns at the top of auditing and accounting, and in the US which is known as providing the most strict audit (i.e. PCAOB) in the world.

CPAs who can handle all financial statement audits, internal control projects, and internal audit projects for domestic companies, and who can provide various financial statement audits, internal control projects, and internal audit services while making full use of English are still rare. Also, it is difficult to provide services with a sense of speed that meets the expectations of clients and a uniform sense of level by the person in charge.

In order to respond to such issues, MD C.P.A Office has been established to provide services not only to domestic companies, but also to foreign companies and global projects, and to provide services with outstanding strengths in various financial statement audits, internal audits, and internal controls.

In addition to the above services, our firm also has strengths in areas such as management consulting, accounting advisory, governance enhancement, and IPO support, and provides speedy and high-quality services that can respond to rapid changes in business.

Our office is mainly based in Tokyo and Aichi prefectures, but it is also possible to conduct business and overseas visits all over Japan and overseas both online and onsite.

We will support entrepreneurs aiming for further growth and contribute to the development of local communities.

Please feel free to contact us.

Our office philosophy

We take the prosperity of our customers as our own joy, embrace an indomitable spirit, realise the longevity of the group and the happiness of our employees, and contribute to the development of the local community through collaboration and cooperation.

Outline of our office

Office nameMD C.P.A Office
Address3-23-17-809 Takanawa Minato-ward Tokyo, Japan, 108-0074
(Tokyo Office)
9th Floor Denpagakuen Kanayama Daiichi Building, 1-7-5 Kanayamacho, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya city, Aichi, Japan, 456-0002
(Aichi Office)
E-Mailmail address (Our team will aim to respond within 2 business days.)
PartnerDai Mori
  • Financial statements audit (Statutory audit, Voluntary audit, Agreed Upon Procedure, Referral audit etc),
  • Internal control audit (Companies Act., J-SOX, US-SOX etc),
  • Internal control establishment,
  • Improvement and Optimisation, Internal audit support (Outsourcing, Co-sourcing, Consulting)
  • Governance and ERM,
  • Accounting・Financial Reporting advisory (Preparation of Financial statements, IFRS conversion),
  • External executives/Boards, Accounting advisor,
  • IPO support,
  • M&A (Financial Due Diligence・Valuation),
  • Tax (Corporate, Income, Consumption/VAT, Assets, Inheritance etc),
  • Others (Seminar & Training, Fraud examination, Incorporation, Bookkeeping etc).


Tokyo Office
Aichi Office